Reset trial method of JetBrains series products

0x0. Project background

Jetbrains Home products have a very conscientious place , He will allow you to try 30 God ( This number is dead in the code ) To assess if you really need to pay for it .
But a lot of times there’s a situation :IDE It can’t be calculated according to our actual trial time .
Let me give you an example : If we start the trial , Then the daughter-in-law gives birth to a baby and asks you to go back to accompany the baby ! We don’t have time to accompany IDE Trial evaluation , It’s still trial time .( Just an example , Maybe you don’t have a girlfriend )
Have you found it? ? You don’t really have 30 We’ve had a comprehensive trial evaluation of it in a few days , You can’t even decide whether to pay or not . At this point you will want to extend the trial time , However Jetbrains It doesn’t provide related functions , What should I do ?

In fact, there is a plug-in that can do this , Maybe you can use it to reset the trial time . But don’t try it all the time , This is not the original intention of this plug-in !

0x1. How to install

1). Plug in market installation :

  • stay Settings/Preferences... -> Plugins  Manually add the third-party plug-in warehouse address :
  • Search for :IDE Eval Reset Plug in to install . If you can’t find it, please pay attention to whether you have done the previous step ? Whether the network is unobstructed ?
  • The plug-in will prompt that the installation is successful .

2). Download and install :

  • Click on this. link (v2.1.6) Download the plug-in zip package (macOS May automatically decompress , And then put zip The bag goes into the recycle bin )
  • Usually, you can put zip Bao Tuojin IDE Windows to install plug-ins . If you can’t drag the installation , You can Settings/Preferences... -> Plugins  Install the plug-in manually (Install Plugin From Disk...
  • The plug-in will prompt that the installation is successful .

0x2. How to use

  • Generally speaking , stay IDE When the window cuts out or back ( The window lost / Get the focus ) Event triggered , Check if it takes a long time (25 God ) No reset , Give notice to let you choose .( Initial installation because unable to get last reset time , It’s a direct reminder )
  • You can also call the main interface of the plug-in manually :
    • If IDE No project opened , stay Welcome Interface click menu :Get Help -> Eval Reset
    • If IDE Open the project , Click menu :Help -> Eval Reset
  • The main interface of the calling plug-in contains some display information ,2 Button ,1 A tick :
    • Button :Reload  Used to refresh the display information on the interface .
    • Button :Reset  Clicking will ask if you want to reset the trial information and restart IDE. choice Yes Then perform a reset operation and restart IDE take effect , choice No And do nothing .( This is a manual reset mode )
    • Tick :Auto reset before per restart  If I check that , Then restart every time since check / sign out IDE Will automatically reset the trial information when , You don’t have to do anything extra .( This is the automatic reset mode )

0x3. How to update

1). Plug in update mechanism ( recommend ):

  • IDE It will detect the update of itself and the installed plug-ins and give a prompt . If the plug-in is updated , You will be prompted to see the update log , Choose whether to update .
  • Click on IDE Of Check for Updates...  Menu manual detection IDE And updates to installed plug-ins . If the plug-in is updated , You will be prompted to see the update log , Choose whether to update .
  • Plug in updates may need to be restarted IDE.

2). Update manually :

  • Download the latest plug-in from this page zip Package installation update . Refer to this article : Download and install Section .
  • Plug in updates need to be restarted IDE.

0x4. Some instructions

  • This plug-in will not display its main interface by default , If you need , Refer to this article : How to use Section .
  • The trial information of the market paid plug-in will also be reset .
  • For some paid plug-ins ( Such as : Iedis 2MinBatis) Come on , You may need to remove it javaagent To configure ( If there is ) Restart after IDE:
    • If IDE No project opened , stay Welcome Interface click menu :Configure -> Edit Custom VM Options... -> remove  -javaagent:  Beginning line .
    • If IDE Open the project , Click menu :Help -> Edit Custom VM Options... -> remove  -javaagent:  Beginning line .
  • Reset requires restart IDE take effect !
  • It doesn’t pop up after reset Licenses The dialog box lets you choose to enter License Or try it out , This is the same as the previous reset script / Plug ins are different ( Save the annoying step ).
  • If it’s as long as 25 God, there’s no reset action ,IDE There will be a notification asking if you want to reset .
  • If you check the :Auto reset before per restart , Reset is silent and senseless .
  • Simply speaking : Checked Auto reset before per restart There is no need to take care of , Once and for all .

0x5. Open source information

  • Plugins are learning research projects , The source code is open . Source warehouse address :Gitee.
  • If you have a better idea , Welcome to tell me Pull Request To study and improve together .
  • Plug in source code use :GPL-2.0 Open source protocol release .
  • The plug-in USES PHP To write , After all PHP It’s the best programming language in the world !

0x6. Supported products

  • IntelliJ IDEA 
    • AppCode
    • CLion
    • DataGrip
    • GoLand
    • PhpStorm
    • PyCharm
    • Rider
    • RubyMine
    • WebStorm

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